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Welcome to Kvetchco Inc.

DuffleBag Theatre Company

Ready for a website?

Have you been thinking for a while about getting your own website – for business or pleasure or blogging – but just don’t seem to have gotten around to it?

Have you been dragging your feet because you just don’t have a spare couple of thousand to spend to get something that looks professionally built and has all the functionality you’re after?

Would you love to get a stunning-looking site set up quickly without breaking the bank?


Off the Leash

Allergic to HTML?

Does the prospect of building your own website bring you out in a cold sweat?

Perhaps you’ve browsed the computer section of the local bookstore and felt like you were drowning in geek speak.

Do you glaze over when you hear the words “coding”, “widgets” and “HTML” (okay, that last one was an acronym)?

The good news is, you don’t need to be a techo-whizz to handle one of these websites.


Dale Cotnam.com

Sack the webmaster!

I mean it.

No more waiting weeks for a techie to deliver your website to you on a silver platter with a painful price-tag to match.

No more bugging the code-monkey to post your updates.

No more paying every time you want to add a new picture or a bit of news or testimonial.

Want total control over your content? Once you have your website up and running you’ll have all the tools you need to manage everything yourself. And I’m here if you get stuck.

Barbara Wade Rose

Tell me more….

Kvetchco Inc. would like to help you finally find your place on the internet. If you’re a creative artist, if you own a small business or have a passion for a particular hobby, Kvetchco can provide affordable and innovative solutions to your website needs.

Are you ready to sack the webmaster? Get a beautiful website without going into debt? Learn how to update your website as easily as you use Facebook? Then take a look at Do You Need a Website? and check out the Platinum Package from Kvetchco Inc.