Terms and Conditions

You gotta read the fine print!

Please note: your first payment and subsequent billing acknowledges your acceptance of these terms.

Website Hosting

Platinum clients are hosted by Kvetchco Inc. and are billed monthly, yearly, every two years or every three years depending on which option is chosen upon sign-up.

In the event that a Platinum client wishes to rebuild a currently hosted website it will usually be necessary to switch hosting to Kvetchco Inc. to accommodate the functionality needed for a Kvetchco Inc. website. This will be discussed and decided upon prior to a Platinum client signing up for the website-building or hosting service.

All content that you upload to your website via Kvetchco hosting services will be considered to be your own intellectual property. Kvetchco Inc. will hold no copyright claims to your electronic files.

Website Building

Platinum clients are responsible for adding their own content to their websites and are coached using a combination of Kvetchco Inc.’s online audio-visual video tutorials, email correspondence, Skype and phone conversations. Platinum clients are responsible for updating their own plugins and WordPress versions using the automated systems provided by WordPress. Kvetchco Inc. provides technical support for life and will update WordPress Themes for Platinum clients.

Delivery Policy

Passwords needed to access the audio-visual training videos will be provided to Platinum clients within 24 hours of purchasing a membership.

Platinum clients need to pay for their website service, buy their domain name and sign up for hosting before work can commence on building their website. The structure of the website will be ready within 72 hours of sign up for hosting (assuming that the other items have been bought previously). The process of filling the website with content will depend on the readiness of the client, their learning curve using the content management system, and the amount of time they have available to put into the project, but it is possible to get a website ready within one to two weeks or starting the process. Some clients have fully functioning websites within a couple of days. Passwords needed to access the audio-visual training videos will be provided to Platinum clients within 24 hours of the website structure being in place.

Privacy Policy

Kvetchco Inc. takes your privacy very seriously.

We do not give your details out to any third parties, ever.

We hate spam and have a very strict anti-spamming policy.

Our shopping cart is fully secure and only contact details are stored on our system when you purchase a product from us. No credit card details are stored on our system – these are only stored by our third party merchant account providers (PayPal/InternetSecure or Clickbank) who are subject to the most stringent laws regarding the use of your personal information.

I hope that this puts your mind at rest. However, should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Refund Policy

If you are not fully satisfied I provide a full refund as follows:

  • For Silver clients within 30 days of receiving your eBook.
  • For Gold clients within 30 days of receiving your eBook and access to the audio/visual training videos.
  • For Platinum clients within 30 days of your website being visible to search engines.

Please note the following:

  • The refund only consists of the original amount that you’ve paid direct to me less merchant account charges – not any purchase of domain names or hosting costs. Those costs are not refundable and it is up to you to cancel these services yourself.
  • For Platinum clients: the refund is contingent upon my uninstalling WordPress from your website.

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