…but you’re still procrastinating?

  • Are you an actor, comedian, writer or musician? Are you self-employed? Or the owner of a small business? Maybe you’re an enthusiast who’s always dreamed of having a website dedicated to your passion.
  • Have you been thinking about having your own website but are confused about how to do it?
  • Maybe you’ve looked at paying someone to do it but can’t afford $2-5K right now (or ever).
  • Perhaps you had a go at putting up a website but aren’t happy with the results.

Our first website

My husband's original website: pretty clunky-looking

I am just like you

I’m an actress and a stand-up comedian and my husband is a writer. We own a small business together. Six years ago when we decided we needed our own websites we realized we couldn’t afford to have someone build them for us.

So I spent months learning about webhosting, building simple websites and getting traffic. Our first website looked pretty clunky, but it had all the information on there we needed to present and it got decent traffic.

After three and a half years of learning more about the internet, building and tweaking websites, writing copy and learning about search engine optimization, I discovered WordPress. I’d heard a lot about blogging, but didn’t really associate it with what me or my husband wanted to do. Neither of us wanted a blog at that point. We just wanted decent looking websites.

WordPress is not just for bloggers!

WordPress is what’s called an “open source project” which means hundreds of web developers all over the world are working on it all the time, creating beautiful-looking templates or themes and offering free new bits of software (plugins) each week that mean your website can do lots of amazing things without you having to understand how!

“If you’ve avoided using WordPress as a solution for building your own Web site because you think it’s only a blogging platform, and you don’t want to have a blog (not every Web site owner does, after all), it’s time to rethink your position. The self-hosted version of WordPress…is a powerful Content Management System that is flexible enough to run an entire Web site – with no blog at all, if you prefer.” – Lisa Sabin-Wilson, WordPress For Dummies

So why do you need me?

The Seahorse Shop

The Seahorse Shop - a personal passion project of mine

I’ve built many websites using WordPress and have had great feedback from friends and colleagues:

  • “Wow – who built your site?”
  • “Your site looks so professional!”
  • “How much would it cost me to get a site like this?”
  • “Can you help me build a website?”

I’m you – just with more experience and know-how

I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. So I can help you build something that looks good – sometimes better than sites that cost thousands – and that doesn’t cost a bundle.

Wait a minute – couldn’t you do all of this yourself?

Absolutely. Do lots of research, pick up a copy of WordPress For Dummies, learn all about how to do it yourself and go for it! In about six months to a year you would probably be able to put something together that’s similar to what I do. But why reinvent the wheel? I’ve spent six years creating and honing a system that works – simply leverage my time and expertise!

What if you change your mind about blogging?

Don’t worry! You can have a “regular-looking” site without a blog facility which you can add later if you change your mind. The main benefit with WordPress is that you get a fabulous-looking website with tons of functionality without having to learn how to do coding.

“Content Mangement System programs such as WordPress give you the tools and advantages of blog software for managing and maintaining your site…Before, if you didn’t know HTML, you had to hire a Webmaster to maintain your Web site. With WordPress, you can do all that yourself, with or without HTML knowledge.” – Lisa Sabin-Wilson, WordPress For Dummies

My personal website

My personal website where I blog about being an actress and comedian

What you’re actually getting

The initial consultation:

  1. What kind of a website do you need?
  2. Who is your intended audience?
  3. Will you need to blog?
  4. How will we structure your site?
  5. What do you want your website to do?
  6. How do you want your webite to look?

The build:

  1. I put together the structure of your website.
  2. I install WordPress, configure your theme and upload and configure plug-ins (those little bits of software that make your website do all kinds of amazing things).
  3. I make your website look and behave exactly how you need it to.
  4. I create email addresses for your website.

The teaching – through a combination of online audio-visual training videos, emails, phonecalls and Skype you learn how to:

  1. Build blog posts
  2. Build pages
  3. Add video
  4. Add audio clips
  5. Add pictures and picture galleries
  6. And much, much more!


Farfl the Wonderdog - a website for Chihuahua lovers

Farfl the Wonderdog - a website for Chihuahua lovers

The benefits of working this way

  • You get a great looking site at a fraction of the cost of a “traditional” website which typically would set you back $2-5K.
  • You’re not going to be hanging around for weeks while your designer fiddles about with html coding. This is quick and dirty – you’re off to the races in no time and at very little cost.
  • You control the content of your website – you don’t have to call your web designer if you want to add a gig or a case study or some news or a picture to your site. You simply do it yourself because I have taught you how.
  • If you get stuck or feel out of your depth you have access to me directly via email, phone and Skype. Technical support is free for life.

If you still think you need a “traditional” webmaster to do everything for you make sure you read the cautionary tale of my friend Isabel here.


My husband's new website


“My publishers and agent have all commented on how good my website looks and how much better it is than those of most other writers, too many of whose sites are to computer screens as mustard-coloured shag-carpeting is to floors. I book most of my speaking engagements through the contact page, which also allows me to keep in touch with fans and disgusted malcontents alike.” – Michael Wex, New York Times best-selling author –

Okay, so how much is it?

I charge a one-time fee of $697 CDN (+ tax if you are in Canada).

    I work with clients in the UK, the US and Canada – if you need to check how much each service will cost in your local currency, use the currency converter here (please note that the converter will open in a new window or tab).

    These prices are not guaranteed and could go up any time. Other costs to you include:

    • purchase of your domain name – around $10.00 US – this is a once-per-year charge unless you choose to buy several years in advance
    • monthly web-hosting – $10 Canadian per month

    My cast-iron guarantee to you

    If you are not fully satisfied I provide a full refund as follows:

    • within 30 days of your website going live. No ifs and no buts.

    Please note the following:

    • The refund only consists of the original amount that you’ve paid direct to me less merchant banking charges – not any purchase of domain names or hosting costs. Those costs are not refundable and it is up to you to cancel these services yourself.
    • The refund is contingent upon my uninstalling WordPress from your website.

    The only question now is: are you ready to get a website?

    If you’re ready to get started then contact me.

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