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Welcome to the Members Only Training Videos section of the Kvetchco Inc. website

Platinum clients have access to my exclusive audio/visual training videos taking them step-by-step through each tutorial. The videos are accessed using a password which is sent to them when they purchase their membership package.

Click on the image above to see all videos that are available

You can pause the videos at any point to make notes, rewind to watch a procedure again and complete each task at your own pace right along with me.

My mouse pointer is highlighted in each video making it easy to see exactly what I’m doing on my computer. I also describe each step to you as I’m doing it.

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Here are a list of video tutorials currently available. Please note that some of the topics contain more than one video.

Getting ready

  • Domain name research – use GoDaddy to find out if the domain name you’re thinking about is actually available and if it isn’t, look at the alternatives.

Setting up your website

Inside WordPress

Taking it to the next level

  • Add video to your site – grab eye-catching content from YouTube, Vimeo etc. – your own or other people’s – and have a player embedded in your page or post.
  • Add audio clips to your website – do you have songs, voice-overs etc. that you would like to add to your site? Here’s two ways to do it. *Platinum members have this done for them*
If you are a Platinum member and have misplaced your password for the Members Only section then please use my Contact page to request another password. Once your account has been verified your password will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

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